Pre-Design/Construction Services:
  • Scheduling
  • Estimating
  • Pre-construction consultation
  • Cost-control
  • Subcontractor/materials bidding
  • Quality control
  • Evaluation and consultation
  • Budgeting
  • Coordination of contract documents

Construction Phase Services:
  • Project management and supervision
  • Schedule management
  • Cost Control and analysis
  • Permits and fees
  • Inspection
  • Contract performance
  • Safety standards and subcontractor compliance
  • Shop drawings and samples
  • Reports and records
  • Owner’s purchased items
  • Substantial completion
  • Final completion

Our approach to managing large and small construction projects starts with the very basics in the industry.  Add pride, craftsmanship and high quality performance standards to those basics and you receive the essence of Kitko Construction.  The following standards apply to every project:


Dennis Kitko began Kitko Construction, Inc. in 1993.  For more than twelve years, he has built and remodeled homes for highly visible clients throughout the region.  Kitko's long success in Denver is rooted in exceptional concern for quality construction management and customer service.

Distinctive Designs

Your home is designed specifically for you, your lifestyle and the specific site. So many builders construct homes based on techniques that appeal to the masses.  Dennis's philosophy is that each home has "one owner"and that owner is distinctive so the home must be distinctive.   The Design phase of your project details how you live.  Our architect asks you questions to gain vital information about the tiniest details of your daily activities. The details of your life are combined with the land offerings, which then becomes your home...a reflection of you.

Client Service

Because Dennis takes pride in each project and is personally involved in the entire receive the ultimate reward...extensive customer service.  Past clients say "Whenever I needed something, Dennis was there in a timely fashion.   He took care of every detail at my request.  It is truly amazing to find a homebuilder so dedicated to his clientele."


Each custom home that Kitko builds comes with a full warranty book.  Each subcontractor Kitko utilizes supplies a full warranty of workmanship.  A past client has said, "When an unexpected heavy snowfall in the spring caused damage to some of the porch structure and concrete work, Kitko simply replaced it all -- no questions, no delays, no problem."


Because Dennis Kitko owns the business...his name is attached to every home he builds. He is personally accountable for every detail that goes into constructing your home.  Accountability is the bedrock of Dennis Kitko's business.


Dennis Kitko is a family man.  He teaches his children a moral lifestyle and sets that example by being a moral man--treating others how he wishes to be treated....with honesty and ethics.

Precise Scheduling

Kitko promises you an accurate timetable, utilizing software that tracks the timing of each phase of your project. Kitko communicates with his subcontractors to plan their schedule according to your schedule and constantly keeps you apprised so you have a realistic occupancy date.


Within each home Dennis Kitko builds is a stamp of individuality.  Many days you can find him at his workshop designing and building unique cabinetry made out of the finest woods and pedestal sinks and columns molded out of unique construction materials.  He will discuss your unique ideas and needs for practicality and combine them into your own unique haven.

Realistic Pricing

Kitko Construction will not give you a proposal that underestimates.  Our pricing is is based on the finishes you desire and the type of materials you want.  We ask you detailed questions everything is defined before we give you a price.  Other contractors may underestimate your project just to get the job...then backcharge you for what they didn't include in your proposal.


Helps to improve both the consistency and quality of the work, saving the client money in the end.

Fast-tract Construction

Kitko Construction is able to fast-track projects while maintaining the highest standards of quality…it’s something we do best.

Pre-Construction Involvement

Because Kitko Construction insists on being involved with the early stages of each project, it allows us to identify potential savings and provide scheduling insight.